All stores have marketing tactics to get you in the door — stylish mannequins, elaborate display windows, posters screaming about all the discounts you can find inside.

But some are far more subtle, so much so that chances are you’ve hardly ever noticed them. Picture your local grocery store, for example. What do you see when you first walk in?

Most likely: Flowers. Big, bright bouquets of fresh-cut blooms greet shoppers inside just about every major grocer, from Whole Foods to Kroger to innumerable New York City bodegas.

That’s no coincidence — there’s a strategic decision behind those flowers’ placement.
“It is very, very simple,” says Paco Underhill, the founder and CEO of behavioral research and consulting firm Envirosell. “If you can get someone’s nose and saliva glands working, they become a much less disciplined shopper.”

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