At a hearing on possible sanctions over the Michigan case, some attorneys downplayed their roles.

As the hearing opened Monday via videoconference, several lawyers sought to minimize their roles in the litigation. | LM Otero/AP Photo


07/12/2021 10:27 AM EDT

Updated: 07/12/2021 04:49 PM EDT

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The legal reckoning for attorneys who pushed former President Donald Trump’s spurious claims of election fraud advanced on Monday, with a federal court in Detroit holding a hearing on whether to impose sanctions over a suit filed last year seeking to decertify Joe Biden’s victory in Michigan and declare Trump the winner.

Two of the most prominent attorneys in the pro-Trump camp — Dallas-based Sidney Powell and Atlanta-based L. Lin Wood — are among the lawyers who brought the unsuccessful suit and whose conduct is under scrutiny by U.S. District Court Judge Linda Parker.

Another pair of attorneys facing possible sanctions in the case, Emily Newman and Julia Haller, served in a variety of Trump administration posts but appear to have left government late last year to aid Powell in the post-election litigation.

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