FRANKLIN, Tenn. — An 8-year old girl was recognized Friday by Franklin Police for saving her mother during a medical emergency.

On February 7th, a day when Williamson County Schools was closed due to district-wide illness, Freya Macallan stayed home with her mother.

“We were fixing to fold clothes, and then when I came to check on mom, my mommy was on the floor,” says Freya.

Her mother, Susan, was lying unconscious. Freya immediately called 911 and stayed on the phone with dispatchers until medical crews arrived. The call was dispatched to first responders as ‘cardiac arrest.’

“While en route to the residence, dispatch informed us that an 8-year old is the one calling in,” said Sgt. Bob Kupczyk of Franklin Police. “She was trying to start CPR on her mother.”

Freya recalls being told to roll her mother onto her back. She stayed calm enough to instruct her 6-year old sister, Lilly, to get an ice cube for her mother’s mouth. Susan had bitten her tongue and was bleeding. Freya says her 4-year old brother Harry was stunned and watched as they worked.

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