Conditions for state-funded student loans should be made friendlier for borrowers, including allowing them to be self-guarantors, suggested the House panel studying the issue.

Phetchompoo Kiturana, committee spokeswoman, said the panel made the proposal after meeting Chai­narong Katchapanan, the Student Loan Fund (SLF) manager, on Thursday to discuss growing problems surrounding the loans.

Streamlining the SLF management and providing better assistance for borrowers suffering loan repayment problems were mulled at the meeting, said Ms Phetchompoo. Also discussed were ways to encourage borrowers to adopt financial discipline.

The SLF had struggled because many borrowers fail to repay loans despite having graduated and taking jobs with a steady income.

The fund began taking them to court in 2018, seizing their salaries to pressure them to repay the debts. The measure has substantially boosted repayments and helped turn around the SLF’s finances.

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