Sinema blows up Dems’ plans to tax high earners, corporations

Congress “I don’t know what the red lines are for one U.S. senator who has an amazing amount of power,” Rep. Veronica Escobar said of the Arizona centrist.

The Manchin and Bernie show consumes Democrats

Congress It's a spat that could have major policy implications beyond the personalities involved. It’s also being tracked closely by the White House.

These Republicans torpedoed vaccine edicts

Elections New research shows governors in states without vaccine mandates — or where they’ve outright prohibited such a requirement — have “significantly lower” approval ratings for their handling of the coronavirus.

Asian pols near breakthrough moment in mayor’s races

Politics Asian Americans are among the top candidates in elections next month in Boston, Cincinnati and Seattle. Boston City Council member Michelle Wu, the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants, is the front-runner in her city after finishing...

The Democrats’ Privileged College-Kid Problem

the big idea An influential data guru expounds on why he thinks his party is losing ground: Their reserve army of young, upscale liberals keeps stepping on their message.

What Congress learned from the Facebook whistleblower

Technology Lawmakers of both parties say their shared anger over Facebook’s approach to children and teens will finally give Congress the momentum to rein in Silicon Valley.

Democrats start bargaining in bid to save party-line megabill

Congress Without an agreement between progressives, the White House and Sens. Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, the party's entire domestic agenda is in limbo.

White House adviser says there’s no timeline on votes to pass Biden’s agenda

Senior White House adviser Cedric Richmond told "Fox News Sunday" there is no prescribed timeline for passing key pieces of President Biden's legislative agenda, Politico reports. Why it matters: A vote on the $1.2 trillion...

Whose kid is that? Dems want big changes in who qualifies for child tax...

Tax Anyone caring for a child would be able to claim credit payments, not just relatives. Supporters say that would make hundreds of thousands more eligible, but implementing the change could be daunting. Speaker of the...

Facebook paid billions extra to the FTC to spare Zuckerberg in data suit, shareholders...

exclusive The company allegedly agreed to overpay on the original $106 million penalty so its CEO and COO could avoid deposition and personal liability. “The Board has never provided a serious check on Zuckerberg’s unfettered authority,”...

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