Foreign Policy

Major Latin American leaders may skip next month’s Summit of the Americas amid criticism of who’s been left out and a seemingly thin agenda.

The criticisms of the summit are a signal of deep frustration in Latin America with President Joe Biden, whose policies toward the region many foreign officials and analysts deem as lackluster. | Susan Walsh/AP Photo

What if the United States held a summit and nobody came?

The Summit of the Americas, which President Joe Biden is hosting in Los Angeles next month, isn’t quite at that point of crisis. But judging from the criticisms already leveled by Latin American leaders, congressional aides and others, U.S. officials will be on the defensive through much of the gathering.

Some foreign leaders are slamming Washington for planning to exclude three adversarial, non-democratic regimes — Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua — from the gathering, and threatening not to show up themselves. Others are simply wondering why the Biden administration hasn’t yet sent invitations for the event.

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