President Biden and the Democratic-controlled Senate have installed more federal judges during the first six months of his presidency than any administration since Richard Nixon’s.

Why it matters: While Democrats may spend more time talking publicly about vaccines and infrastructure, the rapid pace of both nominations and confirmations shows judges are one of the party’s most urgent priorities. President Trump pushed through his own slate of judges to boost conservatives for decades.

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By the numbers: Biden has had eight federal judges confirmed since taking office on Jan. 20.

Chief of Staff Ron Klain and White House counsel Dana Remus — in coordination with the Senate Judiciary Committee — are intensely focused on accelerating Biden’s efforts to appoint as many judges as possible.

Between the lines:”There has historically been this view of a certain path to a judgeship that can be over-representative of prosecutors or law-firm lawyers,” said a senior administration official.

Behind the scenes:Klain has made it his personal mission to undo as much of Trump’s judicial legacy as he can, according to sources familiar with his efforts.

His role as chief of staff has helped give Biden — himself a lawyer and former chairman of the Judiciary Committee — a sharper focus on the courts than previous Democratic administrations.

Yes, but:Even at this pace, and even if Democrats retain control of the Senate for Biden’s entire presidency, it’ll be hard for him to leave as big a mark as Trump.

He ultimately appointed 226 federal judges.

Be smart: Republicans took advantage of a multi-decade, well-funded pipeline of conservative legal talent, built largely by the Federalist Society under the leadership of Leonard Leo. Democrats simply don’t have a comparable apparatus

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